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This all started Oct 2010 when we saw an article in a Patent magazine about Tarlow Design. We had a patent drawen up by a patent attorney and now we needed a working sample.

We talked with Ken Tarlow of Tarlow Design and ask him if he could make a working sample. He said yes. We paid $2,376.00 and what was sent to us was not a working sample, just some stuff in a zip lock bag. By March 2011 Ken stated we needed some drawing changes in the patent at the cost $648.00.

Ken was very good at making us feel the patent would sell without a sample. He got us to sign a 1 year contact stating he would receive 30% of the royalties if he he sold the patent. Again he was very good in making us believe he could sell the patent. One year later after having a hard time getting in touch with Ken (he would not answer his phone unless we blocked our number) what we got were excuses.

When he did answer he would always state, be patient. Early this year he put us in touch with a business partner named Ricardo Lopez. (someone Ken never mentioned before). Ricardo told us he had a potential buyer and had to put together a business plan.

We did research and after a week sent him the requested information. After 4 weeks Ricardo kept giving us excuses that he needed time and like Ken stated "be patient". I ask him for a copy of the business plan and never got it. I then wrote them a letter asking for them to give me a list of what they have done for us.

We did not receive a list just excuses. I requested our $3,024.00 back and they refused to refund any of our money. These guys are real *** artist.

My next move will be legal. Beware of Tarlow Designs if you have a patent.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #997967

I worked with him on some ideas and paid him to do a market search for marketability and to see if my idea already exists. Long story short, my idea already existed and he didn't "find it" or "tell me about it." However, when he was showing me how we should make the prototype it was exactly like the one that already existed.

My idea was not basic either and you had to have knowledge on how exactly this was built otherwise to replicate it the same way would be impossible. By the way he wanted 5,000 to make the prototype.

I am sure that there are people who have worked with him that did just fine but what he did with me tells me that he is an opportunist and will take your money if he could. I would not trust this guy as far as I could throw him.

Youngstown, Ohio, United States #994302

I also had a terrible time with Ken. He seemed real good at first one he got my money he never replied back to me.

He provided me with some half a** work and then that was it. Be careful with this company.

Discovery Bay, California, United States #956156

well, thanks for the warning!


I am a current client for Tarlow Design and just had to throw in my two cents on behalf of Ken and his

team at Tarlow Design. Ken developed an idea I had for a unique folding mechanism for tables and


He built a proof of principle prototype and helped write the utility patent. After the prototype

was complete, and patent filed, I was able to get the interest of a large furniture company who is

interested in licensing the product. Their head of new product development flew out to the Tarlow

Design office in Sausalito CA and we put on a great demonstration for them. They were impressed with his fully equipped design studio and modern loft office space.

This is not the first product Ken has worked on for me. Two years ago Tarlow Design helped me develop a precision eye dropper product ( I am a retired Medical Doctor). It helps keep your eye open so that a precise number of drops land in the center of your eye. He helped write the patent and he did all the prototype work including electronic microprocessor design and 3D printed prototype parts.

The product is now being worked on through a $500,000 grant from a medical research University in San Antonio, Texas. I live in San Antonio and have looked for local people to help me with my new product ideas, but they never seem to be able to produce the results that I am looking for, so I end up going back to Tarlow Design, even though they are two thousand miles away!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #912947

I have been using Tarlow Design’s product development and patent prep services for the past 10 years.

With Ken Tarlow’s help, I have received three utility patents from the USPTO and have developed a

number of prototypes which I have used to try to license my product ideas.

I will be honest and say that

it has been quite difficult to license my ideas even though I think they are great, and have working

prototypes and patent protection.

I can understand people’s frustration with not being able to profit from their ideas after spending significant money on the product development process. I licensed one product a few years ago (a unique pants hanger) but the manufacturer eventually did not make the product and returned the license rights to me. I am now taking the bull by the horns and doing my own Kickstarter video to try to raise funds to manufacture a really fun pet toy for cats.

I hope this works. I will continue to use Tarlow Design for my prototype and patent needs.


There are always two sides to a story. I have been working with Ken Tarlow over the course of many years.

We have worked on many projects together. I trust his experience of over 35 years in the product development field. For him to be in the invention industry for this long shows his dedication to help others.

For the past 15 years Ken has brought his love of inventing to fourth-grade students at Neil Cummins Elementary School via his annual "Invention Convention", with over 2000 students to date coming up with their own inventions ideas.

As an inventor or co-inventor Ken Tarlow has 81 US patents to his name. Listed in “Who’s Who of American Inventors” He’s a frequent speaker at business events, and has appeared on TV, radio and is a published author.

In 2011 he won the Hilton Entrepreneurship Award.

It’s been an honor to personally know Ken for many years. I will continue to work with Ken and his company with any product ideas, because of his high integrity, heart of gold, and commitment to help others.


I recently went into see Ken Tarlow at his office in Sausalito to discuss two products I was wanting to be patented. After 15 minutes showing him what I was wanting him to search I began to feel like this guy was kinda of sleazy.

It started with his is poorly rehearsed pitch on how many patents he's help people like me bring to market, supposedly "over 400 innovative products worth over a billion dollars in retail sales". That statement alone was a red flag. Look around his office and you'll see the guy has NO money...he doesn't have a door on his upstairs office. He shares space with 3 other separate business in side a 3,500 square foot warehouse space, and his portion is a tiny upstairs office with cheap used office furniture.

A personal PC and copier is his only office equipment, there's no one else working in the office besides himself--kind of eerily silent. I asked for a list of 5 clients he had successfully completed patents and patent searches for but I never received them. He claims his company can do it all, A to Z in helping to design, engineered, fabricate, researched, etc..etc. Baloney!

He gets other companies to do it for him and marks up their work.



I wish I had read this thread earlier. I too was hit hard by this a** h***.

He did a pretty good job of selling me some information that made me think he was credible. He has no idea what he is doing and he essentially stole thousands of dollars from me and I have nothing to show for.

I ended up having to hire a patent lawyer, just to find out everything he did was worthless. Please stay away from this guy, as mentioned before he truly is a ***.


All I can tell you is about my experience. It is a shame that many of the people in the patent busines are wolves.

They look for people with a good idea and they make money on them with lies and promises. The *** game is at home in the patent business.


ggmoney what has happened since you have decided to take legal action.


nothing. these guys stay alive and continue to cheat other people.


Has there been any more developments in the complaint?

to Pixie #636620

Nothing. They have not followed up and they do not plan to.

A dishonest person is a dishonest person. They will never do the right thing.

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